Directions to Herb Jenkin's Farm

MAPAG builder events take place at Herb Jenkin's farm in Locust Grove, VA (near Culpepper, VA). This is the address and the GPS coordinates for Herb Jenkins's farm:

Herb Jenkin's Farm
32324 Shagland Farm Lane
Locust Grove, VA 22508-2356

longitude : -77.80789
latitude : 38.367704

Google Map:

If you are coming from Washington, DC, or parts north, all the GPS systems will direct you down I-95. On Saturday mornings it can take 5 HOURS to travel down I-95 from the Washington, DC, beltway to Route 3 in Culpeper. There is a much better way to go, and it take less than two hours from Silver Spring -- you want to use I-66 West instead.

Follow these directions starting at the intersection of I-495 (the DC Beltway) and I-66 west:

  1. Take I-66 West toward Manassas and travel 22.7 miles to Exit 43 and get on US 29 South.

  2. Take US 29 South 36.9 miles to Route 3 East in Culpepper. At the top of the exit ramp, turn left and head East on Route 3.

  3. Take Route 3 East 14.8 miles to VA 601 and turn right (note that the sign for VA 601 is not very large -- watch your mileage). If you see a sign for WalMart appear on your left, Route 601 will appear at the next light. If you pass "Lake of the Woods" on your right, or the Food Lion shopping center on your left, you have gone too far.

  4. VA 601 is the back route into Herb's. Follow the road 0.6 miles until you come to a fork in the road. Veer right at the fork and continue onto VA 601. You will see a sign for "Meadow Farms Golf Course" at the fork. If you pass a golf course, you missed the right turn at the fork onto VA 601.

  5. Follow VA 601 for 1.6 miles until it dead ends at a "T". Turn right on VA 603 (Indiantown Road) to continue.

  6. Follow VA 603 for 1.4 miles. Herb's farm will appear on the left. Drive through the gate and park on the right side of the field.

For those that don't mind traveling a few backroads, there is a short cut off Route 29 to get to Route 3 which saves about ten minutes.  When you pass the Sheetz gas station at the corner of Route 29 and Route 17, continue three more lights to Atlanthus Road (VA 663).  Turn left at Atlanthus, go two blocks to the end, turn left, go one more block, and then turn right to travel over the railroad tracks.  Follow this road (Carrico Mills Road or VA 669) about ten miles until it ends on Route 3, then turn left and travel 6.8 miles to VA 601.  Follow step 4 above to get to the farm from VA 601.  See you there!