2020 MAPAG Events

MAPAG events include live events where we make and shoot fireworks, and non-live events where we work on club projects. We have seven events, which take place on the last weekend of the month, from Thursday through Sunday, beginning in April and running through October. Out of these events, five of these events are anticipated to have shoot permits for Saturday at the event.

For the five events we anticipate permitting for, the shoot permit will be valid for Saturday only. We are working on a longer term solution to this issue that we expect to resolve this year. These are the dates and locations for MAPAG events for the 2020 season.

Dates Event Description
April 30 - May 3 Manufacturing, Food, and Fireworks
May 28 - May 31
Manufacturing, Food, and Fireworks
May 30 PGI Display Operator Course at OVFD (tentative)
June 5 Orange Volunteer Fire Department Fireworks Display (tentative)
June 18 - June 21 Manufacturing, Seminars, Food, and Fireworks
July 16 - July 19
Manufacturing, Seminars, Food, and Fireworks
August 27 - August 30
Manufacturing, Seminars, Food, and Fireworks
September 24 - September 27 Manufacturing, Seminars, Food, and Fireworks
October 22 - October 25
Manufacturing, Magazine Inventory, Food, and Fireworks


For events at the farm, tent camping and parking for RV's is available at the farm at no cost outside of the regular $20 shoot fee. There are also a limited number of electrical hookups along the fence line. There are no showers on the farm, and access to potable water requires you to drive to the other end of the farm, so bring plenty of water with you for washing and cooking.  We rent portable toilets for each event and bathroom facilities are available.  Because this is a working farm, campfires must be kept in a metal fire dish instead of on the ground. You may want to bring some wood for your fire.  For directions to the farm, click here.